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I am Duncan Howe and I have been a DSA  ADI  driving instructor for more than 14 years. I have been teaching learner drivers during that time. In 2009 I decided to expand my teaching skills as well as updating my professional development to  included B+E (Car & Trailer), D1 (Minibus) and D1+E (Minibus & Trailer). To teach B+E, D1, & D1+E for hire and reward meant that I had to pass the required tests for those categories. Meaning that I am fully upto date with what is required to pass the test for the relevent category.

I have been towing trailers from the day I first passed my driving test. I have towed car trailers, boat trailers, caravans, horsebox trailers and others.

I first qualified as an DSA (Driving Standards Agency) ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) in 1999 to teach:

  • B, Car
  • B+E, Car and Trailer

I also hold the new Certificate of Professional Competence which allows me to teach:

  • D1, Minibus
  • D1+E, Minibus and Trailer

I am currently teaching:

  • Learner drivers
  • Minibus drivers
  • Trailer towing

My experience includes instructing for local schools and colleges, individuals, and community buses, day care centres, riding centres, diving clubs to name but a few.


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