Saturday, 19. October 2019
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Next training slots from Thursday 17th Oct 2019 next test slots from Tuesday 5th November 2019.

October 2019        4 Tests.   3 First Time Passes. 1 fail.

Sept       2019      13 Tests.   7 First Time Passes. 3 Retest Passes. 3 Fails.

August 2019.      13 Tests.   8 First Time Passes.  5 Fails.

July  2019           14 Tests  10 First Time Passes. 2 Retest passes. 2 Fails.

June 2019           12 Tests    6 First Time Passes. 1 Retest pass. 5 Fails

May 2019            13 Tests,  11 First Time Passes.  2 Fails.

April 2019           12 Tests,    8 First Time Passes. 2 Retest passes, 2 Fails.

March 2019         16 Tests    6 First Time Passes. 5 Retest Passes, 5 Fails.

February 2019   17 Tests.  10 First Time Passes. 1 Retest Pass, 6 Fails.

January 2019    12 Tests,   8 First Time Passes.  4 Fails.

Dec        2018     7 Tests,     6 First Time Passes. 1 Retest Pass,

Nov        2018     12 Tests,  7 First Time Passes, 2 retest pass, 3 fails.

October 2018   14 Tests,  10 First Time Passes. 2 retest passes. 2 Fails.

Sept      2018.   17 Tests , 8 First Time Passes . 4 retest passes,  5 Fails.

August 2018     17 Tests,  8 First Time Passes, 4 retest pass, 5 fail.

July 2018           12 tests, 9 first time passes. 1 retest pass.  2 fails.

June 2018          11 tests, 7 first time passes. 1 retest pass. 3 fail.

May 2018           18 tests, 11 first time passes. 2 retest pass. 5 fails.

April 2018          17 tests, 11 first time passes. 4 retest passes and 2 fails.

March 2018       15 tests, 9 first time passes, 1 retest pass and 5 fails.

Howe To Tow also offers lessons to people who already hold the B+E category  but require help with reversing, road work, coupling and uncoupling of a trailer or caravan to build their confidence when towing.

Charlie over a 5 week period passed his theory test, cat B car test then his cat B+E trailer test. Wow!!!

Alan passed first time in both manual and automatic in August 2016

March 2016 was a first.  Natalie was our first B+E pass for a wheel chair user with modified hand controls!!

B+E and D1+E tests have all increased in number during 2015/16. Horsebox trailers, mini digger trailers, cage trailers, chipper trailers, boat trailers and Minibuses with trailers are the most common reason for taking the B+E and D1+E tests.

Why do you need lessons to pass your B+E trailer test?  Because you need to understand how and what the examiner is looking for from you. What are they going mark you on and why. Why do they ask you to pullover in a particular place? What are you being marked on when you move off?

What do people fail on. Going too slowly for the road conditions, blocking a pedestrian crossing, beckoning someone to cross the road and moving off whilest being overtaken are just some of the things people fail the B+E test. Have lessons and understand what is expected of you so you pass your test.

Trailers used by Howe To Tow for all training and the test will meet the new loaded trailer regulations which came into force in November 2013.

Trailer Instructor in Guildford, Hampshire, and Surrey

Do you require a B+E licence (car+trailer)  to tow your trailer?

Any driver passing their B (car) test after 1997 will have to take a seperate test.

How do you go about taking the the B+E  test and what does it entail.

The test takes about one & a half hours, involving safety check questions, a reversing exercise, an extended drive finishing off with a uncoupling and coupling exercise.

If you would like more information call:

07867 771252

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