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Towing Horsebox trailers.

When having a Horse or Pony and  being able to travel to different places or events with them can open up a whole new exciting world, where you can find new challenges for you and your horse/pony working as a team. You will also have fun meeting up with friends and going on rides together and taking part in organised events.

As with most things in life there are rules and regulations you must follow if you want to tow a horsebox trailer legally and safely. (see section---)

If its the first time your horse/pony is going to travel in a horsebox trailer you must take your time getting your horse/pony used to being loaded into the trailer. Make sure you have the trailer correctly hitched to the towing vehicle before loading. This will make the trailer far more stable and less chance of movement, making your horse/pony  feel more confident when walking on an unknown floor  into the trailer. Some horsebox trailers have rear stabillizer legs and when lowered will make the trailer even more stable. Remember to lock them back into their travelling position before setting off.

If it is the first time your horse/pony will be travelling in a horsebox trailer start off with short journeys to get them used to travelling and the sensation of movement. You don't have to wait for an event to do this you can plan a short route around the area where you stable your horse/pony. If its the first time you are going to tow a horsebox trailer you will also benefit from these short runs.

As the driver of the vehicle towing the horsebox trailer and you are new to towing you need to get to know what it feels like to tow the trailer. There will be noises and sensations of movement and sounds that will be unknown to you. Most of these sensations will be totally normal and nothing to worry about , but how do you know what is what. One reason to have a training session with a trailer.

Plan your journey. Get the latest traffic infomation. Make sure you have plenty of hay, feed and water for your day but also incase of a breakdown. Make sure you have a warm rug for your horse/pony if travelling in cold weather. Don't forget your horse/pony passport even when travelling to a local show/event.

There are risks in travelling with any kind of animal including horse/pony in a trailer. It is a good idea to have breakdown assistance which will cover recovery if you breakdown or are involved in an accident. You could cause long delays, particularly if there are problems with your vehicle and trailer recovery. If your horse/pony gets out of the horsebox trailer and becomes frightened, they could bolt into the road and cause a serious accident. So take care and reassure your horse/pony while you are waiting.

It is also a good idea to get roadside recovery insurance. If you are not fully covered with an animal on board you could face a bill for overnight stabling if you breakdown. There are specialist insurance brokers who offer horsebox/livestock trailer breakdown schemes. ( Equine/livestock insurance brokers). Having the phone number of local vets is a good idea if advice is required.




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