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Howe to Tow work with a number of riding clubs to help their members be properly trained.

Clubs include:

Emma Deigham is the Chair of the Wey Valley Riding Club and has kindly written the below article.


Wey Valley Riding club were recently contacted by Duncan Howe about his trailer teaching courses. Keen to find out more, Steph and I went down to investigate.


Duncan is based in Guildford and has been driving trailers most of his life but 2 years ago deceided to swap teaching people to drive cars to teaching people to drive trailers.

Hitching up a Trailer

In 1997 the law changed. Before that anyone passing their driving test was automatically entitled to tow a trailer without having to take any further instruction. Duncan provides not only tuition for those needing to take their towing license, but for those like me who although eligible to drive a trailer haven’t a clue how to go about it, let alone putting a horse in!!

Duncan has a trailer and car that pupils can use and Steph was soon behind the wheel, getting to grips with a stick shift and trying to fit her bump behind the steering wheel.

As with any training, Duncan first needs to find out what you want to do, tow and experience you may have. He then ran through the test that was now required for people wishing to tow, who didn’t have the endorsement on their license.

The centre for our area is in Guildford and has a large tarmaced area to perform a manoeuvre of the trailer. The test has 3 parts

Man-u-ver finished1. Manoeuvre test - Reverse the trailer back, round a cone and into a finishing bay.

2.Road test - about a 50 minute drive around Guildford where various hazards are encountered. You will be required to stop about 4 times, to demonstrate that you know how to pick somewhere to stop safely and also know how to rejoin the traffic.

3. Couple and Recouple - You will need to show how to unhitch the trailer and reattach safely as well as checking that the trailer is safe and road worthy.

Steph now was itching to get underway and Duncan got her to drive up to the beginning of the manoeuvre exercise. Getting her to look in the mirror, Duncan showed her lots of reference points marked on the trailer and back window, that made helpful line up markers for reversing.

Lining up the marks

Duncan was really helpful and Steph made short work of the course. See below (Although I do have a video, for the right price!!) If you would like to contact Duncan, you will find him very helpful and able to answer any questions. He offers a 1 to 1 service, alternatively you can share the costs with a friend and take a shared lesson. Costs will vary so call Duncan, or look out for him at some of our events. Hopefully if there is sufficient interest, we will arrange an evening session for us to try and park Duncan’s trailer!

Duncan Howe t: 01483 537359


Eager spectators

Steph had some tough spectacors as she parked the trailer!

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