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Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic all DVSA Test Centres are closed until further notice.
Therefore by law no training or tests can take place until the current lock down ceases.
Please feel free to ask questions and look at the information on the website.

Due to the lock down there is a waiting list. If you would like to be added to the list please send me a copy of the photo part of your driving licence. Text WhatsApp 07867771252 or email [email protected] and as soon as I can I will update you.

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Who Can Tow a Trailer You must hold a full driving licence to tow anything. Most drivers who passed their test before 1st January 1997 are allowed to drive vehicle and trailer combinations weighing up to 8.25 tonnes. All weights quoted here are maximum authorized mass (MAM) unless otherwise stated. Those passing since 1st January 1997 are allowed to drive a 3.5 tonne vehicle plus a 750kg MAM trailer. They may also drive a car of under 3.5 tonnes plus a larger braked trailer provided the combined MAM does not exceed 3.5 tonnes.

Tests will be available on August 2021

Howe To Tow also offers lessons to people who already hold the B+E category but require help with reversing, road work, coupling and uncoupling of a trailer or caravan to build their confidence when towing.

The test takes about one & a half hours, involving safety check questions, a reversing exercise, an extended drive finishing off with a uncoupling and coupling exercise.
Do you require a B+E licence (car+trailer) to tow your trailer?

Any driver passing their B (car) test after 1997 will have to take a seperate test.
How do you go about taking the the B+E test and what does it entail.

If you would like more information call:
07867 771252

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