B E Car & Trailer

Do I need to take the Category B+E Trailer Test to tow a trailer?

If you passed your car test (Category B) after January 1997 and if your towing vehicle and trailer’s combined weight when loaded exceeds more than 3.5 tonnes then yes you will need to take the B+E category trailer test.
Please note if you do tow with a combined weight of more than 3.5 tonnes and you don’t have the B+E category on your licence you are driving illegally.
If you don’t have the B E category on your licence and you are towing over 3.5 tonnes therefore you are not covered by insurance.

Examples of people who don’t know they are driving illegally.

1/ A tree surgeon travels quite legally to his first job of the day in his 2.5 tonne pick up truck towing a 750 kg chipper . Combined weight 3.250 tonnes = Legal.

The tree surgeon cuts down a 500kg tree puts it through their chipper into the back of the pick up truck.

On his way back from the job his pick up now weighs 3 tonnes + chipper 750kg, combined weight 3.750 tonnes = Illegal !!!!

2/ A landscaper goes to pick up a mini digger in their 2 tonne pick up truck towing a 1 tonne flat bed trailer, combined weight 3 tonnes = legal.

They have loaded a 1 tonne mini digger on the trailer + 2 tonne pick up truck + 1 tonne trailer, combined weight of 4 tonnes = Illegal !!!!

3/ A person has a single horsebox trailer 767 kg + 2.1 tonne towing vehicle + a 500kg horse, combined weight of 3.367 tonnes = Legal.

That person fills up with fuel 50kg + 20kg of water for horse + 40kg tack + friend 70kg combined weight 3.547 = Illegal !!!

Know the weights of your towing vehicle and what you are going to tow.