D1 Minibus D1E Minibus & Trailer

D1 Minibus and D1 E Minibus and Trailer

Category licence.

Please note if you want to gain a D1+E minibus & trailer licence you will need to of already have passed the D1 minibus test.
Also note you have to complete the following before you can take the practical D1 minibus DVSA test.
1/ Apply for a provisional D1 licence.
2/ Take and pass a medical
3/ Pass the D category theory test.
Only when these have been completed can you go on to take the D1 practical test.
The D1 Minibus practical test takes approximately 1.5 hours from start to finish and is split into 3 parts.
Part 1/ Answer 5 out of 21 D1 safety questions.
Part 2/ Reversing exercise. Reverse the minibus in a zig zag into a parking bay showing observation and control skills.
Part 3/ A 60 minute road drive being marked on MSM, blind spots and safe driving practices. The test routes will put you in meeting traffic situations, hill
starts, changing lanes and general driving conditions ranging from town centre
driving to dual carriageways.
The D1+E test is the same test with the addition of uncoupling and recoupling of the trailer demonstrating the correct way to the examiner.