Looking after your trailer

Daily walk round checks on your trailer before using it.

Starting at the tow hitch or coupling.

Check there is no excess movement in the coupling handle/ locking device.

Check the breakaway cable is in good condition and has no damaged strands of wire. Check the clip is not sticking.

Check the handbrake is on before reversing up to the trailer before hitching.

Check condition of light cable and its not cut or damaged.

Check all mud guards are secure and not flapping/lose.

Check the tyres are in a roadworthy condition and are correctly inflated. Also check they are not perished due to age. Lots of trailers have tyres with a lot of  tread but are not safe due to their age and have perished and cracked.

Check all lights are working and check there are no broken lights/lenses.

Check all doors, ramps, windows and load are secure before setting off.